Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mindful Eating

Today I spent a glorious afternoon at Barnes and Noble engaging in one of my favorite activities; reading and thumbing through any, and every, book I could get my hands on! The best part about this complete randomness is that I never know what surprises are in store for me, and today was no exception. I came across a book that really got my attention; Mindful Eating. While I'm painfully aware of the relationship I have with food and my emotions, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is more attention being paid to this topic. If you're like me, you've probably tried at least one diet (or more) and have learned the hard way the dieting doesn't work long-term. This is a wonderful book that brings your attention to mindfulness in regard to your relationship with food. Mindfulness is simply the moment-by-moment awareness of life; but it’s not always so simple when it comes to our relationship with food. We so easily get caught up in our own thoughts and self-talk that we are scarcely aware of life as it passes us by; this is also true of our eating habits. We eat meal after meal, snack after snack, barely aware of what we’re eating and how much we’re consuming. I can recall many times that I've eaten while multi-tasking and can't even remember what the food tasted like...let alone whether or not I enjoyed it...or more importantly "am I full?" When we pay attention to the food we're eating (I mean really pay attention) we begin to notice all sorts of wonderful aspects of the food, and we become aware of how much food we’re putting into our bodies. We also rediscover the joy and pleasure of eating while figuring out how much we need (and don't need) to eat. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in bringing more mindfulness and meaning to your eating habits.

As always, bon appétit!

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