Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skinny Through the Holidays

Everyone knows when the holiday season rolls around, extra pounds seem to magically appear. Ur, um, or maybe its from eating all those baked goods, huge meals, party appetizers, and candy bowls around the office.

The most important thing you can do for yourself this time of year is to increase your exercise and overall activity level. You don't have to be a superstar athlete, just doing anything other than sitting around can help; jog, walk, run, chase your children around the house, clean out the garage, yoga, dancing (you get the picture.) If you can add some strength training in as well, that is perfect. The idea is to keep your energy level up and keep moving throughout the day. Limit your time sitting and when you are sitting, wiggle your legs as best as you can. You burn more calories standing then you do sitting, about 120 per hour. Anytime during the day you can sneak some exercise in do it, waiting in line, jump back and forth foot to foot, dusting your house add in a few dance steps, be creative have fun and keep moving.

One thing that has helped me to maintain my weight is simple; if I'm not hungry, I don't eat! Don't eat food just because it is there or to not hurt someone's feelings. You can take a piece and say "Thank you, I will save it for later I am not hungry now".

Maintaing a regular exercise schedule and eating sensibly is the best way to make it through the holidays without gaining excess weight. It is unreasonable to expect that you will go to parties and abstain from all the food choices that are offered.



  1. This is the hardest time for many. The hardest time for me is starting next month when everyone and their mother is at the gym for the next month or two. It is so hard for me to go at this time since I know how much longer my workouts will be with all the new traffic on the machines or equipment:-)

  2. Hi Eric,

    I know what you mean! This is definitely a difficult time for most people. I know what you mean; January is such a crazy time at the gym because everyone is trying so hard to stick to their New Year's resolutions. I've learned that it is easier to make resolutions throughout the year that work for my lifestyl (and I can stick to)instead of making an emotional decision on New Year's eve!

    Eric, thanks so much for sharing.