Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eight Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and there have been countless online discussions and recommendations on what to eat, how to eat, and how to stay healthy. Well, here is my list!

1. No Guilt. Okay, holidays are no time to start a diet or feel bad about poor eating habits. It’s all about family, tradition, and having a good time together. That said, a few simple adjustments, barely noticeable, but highly effective, can help you lower your stress levels this holiday.

2. Prepare a home cooked meal. It may be rich and full of calories, but at least you know whats in it and it’s low on preservatives, additives, colorings, and other artificial stuff your body does not need. Prepare the meal together with your significant other, children or friends and get the added benefit of quality time together.

3. Serve on small plates. Countless studies have shown that when plates are smaller, less food is placed on them, and less is eaten. Resist the urge to show off the entire China set, and use just the appetizer plates and soup bowls.

4. Color your table. The turkey, stuffing, gravy, and potatoes are all shades of beige-brown. Thank goodness for the cranberry sauce. But what about some hearty salads as sides too? Corn on the cob, Broccoli, beans, carrots and peas, beets, leafy greens, as well as peppers, eggplants, and so many other veggies can be an integral and healthy part of the meal.

5. Hors d’oeuvres. Make them small…tiny…bite size. This is important because most people consume 300 calories BEFORE the meal begins—just snacking!

6. Drink water and, of course, wine (my favorite!) But skip the soft drinks, juices, and other useless calories.

7. Wait before dessert. Take 20-30 minutes after finishing off the main course to let your body feel full. Then you'll be happy with a small portion.

8. Plan the next few days…you’ve got a long weekend ahead of you. Plan some physical activity outdoors; run, cycle, play basketball, or simply walk around the neighborhood. And don’t forget to have plenty of fruits and vegetables stocked up to accompany your leftovers from the holiday meal.

Most importantly, enjoy this magical holiday season.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Great tips for Thanksgiving. Although I'm not too sure about #3, I thought the point was to get the largest plate available and fill it up to "overflowing" (especially the cornbread stuffing).

    This is great! Happy Thanksgiving.